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Legislative Updates

    WorkPlace Protections in Recreational Marijuana Legislation

    The legislative sponsors worked and negotiated with the Illinois Chamber to provide the strongest workplace protections for employers in the country. Our goal was met of protecting employers with zero tolerance, drug free workplace and drug testing policies. Based on the final language and legislative intent, we are confident that employers will be free to continue to provide for safe workplaces through their reasonable, non-discriminatory employment policies. Please note: while the bill was approved by both chambers, a motion to reconsider the vote was filed by Rep. Will Guzzardi. Until Guzzardi’s motion is dealt with, tabled or withdrawn, the bill will remain in the House. Also, there likely will be additional changes to the law during the fall veto session which is scheduled to start on October 28th.

    Click here to download the language from HB1438, Section 10-50 and changes to Privacy in the Workplace Act.